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Barker Wellness

Barker Wellness Organic Recovery Tincture 1 oz.

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About this item

  • ORGANIC RECOVERY TINCTURE is formulated to sooth the mind and relieve physical pain. Flavored with organic watermelon and mint, this tincture includes all organic ingredients, from Ashwagandha to Red Reishi Mushroom Extract, this organic product is build around providing stress and immune system support.
  • TINCTURES CAN BE added to a drink or placed under your tongue for 15-20 seconds before swallowing. Bottles should be refrigerated after opening. Start with half a dropper and see how you feel after an hour, only raise dosage over a period of days.
  • TRAVIS BARKER’S CAREER DEMANDS as a professional musician led him to examine the aspect of health that might nurture both body and mind. At Barker Wellness we strive to share his knowledge and examinations through our line of premium products.
  • ORGANIC FORMULATIONS are here because of you. Our consumers pay attention to what they put in their bodies, so we found ways to source all organic ingredients. These new tincture formulations are made for those of you who want to keep living your best life and know the difference that organic sourcing makes for you and our planet.
  • ALL-NATURAL, VEGAN, CRUELTY-FREE are tenets that we hold close as a company and as individuals. Whether you’re a drummer, a marathon runner, a full-time parent, or could simply use a hand with life’s pain points, we’ll help you show up at your best.
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