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Wilson Ultra 108 v3

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Wilson adds another chapter to the Ultra 108!  Originally launched in 2015, this update has been overhauled with juicier power and more explosive speed.  Like the previous generation, it packs a luxurious 108in² head, making it the most forgiving member of the Ultra family.  For 2020, Wilson adds extra power to this model with a thicker beam and more open string pattern (from 16x19 to 16x18). The power is further amplified with three strategic enhancements, starting with less racquet twisting at impact (stability), achieved by combining a Power Rib construction in the shaft with an integrated Perimeter Weight System in the head. These features are complemented nicely by Sweet spot Channels at 3/9 o'clock, which lengthen the cross strings for greater energy return. This racquet also has Crush Zone grommets in the throat, which compress like a spring at impact. From the baseline, this stick offers a comfortably crisp feel at impact punctuated by very easy access to power and spin. Players with medium length strokes will find penetrating depth, and there is huge pace available to those who swing fast. At net, the Ultra 108 not only comes around with lightning speed, it also feels solid and forgiving thanks to a generous 108in² head. This racquet also shines on serve where the extended 27.25" length will enable you to ratchet up the pace. With this update, Wilson has created a great option for beginner and intermediate players looking for easy access to power.  Weekend warriors and league doubles players will find it hard to beat.