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Yonex VCore26 250g Tango Red

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Grip Size

Yonex VCORE 26 100 (250) Tango Red

Perfect for young and advanced juniors, the Yonex VCORE 26 helps you hit powerful, spin-friendly strokes. This tennis racquet uses an open 16x18 string pattern to keep the ball between the lines and your opponent on their toes. Enjoy smooth and easy swings from the Aerodynamic frame, which reduces air resistance for added spin. The shorter length and reduce weight offers forgiveness for young players improving their mechanics.

Racquet Technology

  • ISOMETRIC™ design increases the sweet spot by optimizing the intersection of main and cross strings, delivering greater control without sacrificing stability.
  • String Sync Grommets: A thin grommet nozzle is inserted into a larger frame hole allowing the string to move together with the grommet for faster snapback.
  • Vibration Dampening Mesh (VDM): A stretchy mesh material wraps around the graphite within the grip to filter unwanted vibrations, adding touch and precision.
  • Aerodynamic Technology: Aero Trench and Aero Fin Technology reduce air resistance for easy maneuverability and added spin.
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