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Diadem Warrior Edge Pickleball Paddle

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Control the court with the Diadem Warrior Pickleball Paddle!  Introducing their thickest paddle to hit the market, Diadem launches the Warrior paddle measuring in at a thickness of 19 mm (0.75 in). The thickness is achieved through the layering of three different types of honeycomb which creates a solid and stable feeling paddle. It also allows for exceptional feel on dinks and resets. Additionally, a unique Grit Paint provides the ball grab you need for generating lethal levels of spin, further maximizing control while also acting as a weapon on its own. Averaging in at 8.5 oz, the paddle is well-balanced keeping it plenty maneuverable on court. Diadem also introduces a Taper Tech molded handle design which allows the paddle to have a smaller, more manageable 4 1/8 grip size. Get ready to take your finesse game to new levels with this innovative paddle from Diadem!


Average Weight: 8.5 oz*
Core: 3X L-Core
Hitting Surface: Carbon Fiber
Grip Size: 4 1/8 in
Grip Length: 5 in
Paddle Length: 16.4 in
Paddle Width: 7.4 in
Paddle Thickness: .75 in / 19 mm
Factory Grip:  Diadem Comfort Grip


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