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Wilson Sensation Plus 17/1.28 String Reel - 660'

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With Sensation Plus, Wilson adds some control and durability to one of the game's most popular multifilaments. Like the standard version of Sensation, this string deploys an army of very flexible filaments to give you impressive comfort at impact. You'll also find a decent level of power, making this a good option for players looking for easier depth. For this version of Sensation Wilson reinforces the outer section with metallic ribbons, making this a great option for comfort seekers who want a little extra control and precision. The extra durability is also a nice bonus!

This thinner 1.28mm gauge has slightly more spin and feel than the 1.34mm version.
  • Gauge:  17/1.28mm
  • Length: 660ft/200m
  • Composition: Multiflament w/metallic wrap
  • Color:  Red
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