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Racquet Inc

Tennis Ball Keychain

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Got too many keys to handle? 


Here’s our Tennis Ball Keychain! Collects and organizes all of your keys so you’ll never have a hard time finding them. 


Enjoy a fun little toy. We’ve fitted a soft, fluffy, miniature tennis ball that expresses your love for your favorite sport! 


Why It’s The Best


  • Premium Quality. The outer fabric of the miniature tennis ball is extremely smooth to the touch, you’ll find it hard to keep away from your hands! 
  • Extremely Durable. Made with 100% high-quality rubber and stainless steel that lasts for years to come.  Measures 1.5 inches in diameter.
  • Ideal Gift. It’s the best gift to give to your tennis fanatic friends or you can just add it to your collection. 
  • Easy To Find. The yellow-green tennis ball color is extremely eye-catching, it makes your keys easier to find. 


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