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Volkl V-Square 17/1.25 String

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Introducing Volkl V-Square! With its surgical precision, this co-polyester monofilament will give you the confidence to attack the ball with your most powerful strokes. Offering a slightly softer feel than Volkl Cyclone, this is a great option for the player who wants a more comfortable co-poly. It's also a spin monster thanks to its four sharp edges and slippery surface (think bite & snap back). Ultimately, this is an obvious choice for the player who wants a durable co-poly that offers mindless targeting on full cuts. The great feel is a nice bonus and the spin-potential is off the charts.

Currently ranks #1 for bite/grip in our TWU string lab.

  • Gauge: 17/1.25mm
  • Length: 40ft/12m
  • Composition: Co-polyester Monofilament 
  • Color: Red