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Wilson-Trinity 3 Ball sleeve

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The first performance tennis ball designed with 100% recyclable packaging, Triniti pushes the limits of sustainable performance. Featuring a unique octagonal paper container, the Triniti sleeve is fully recyclable after use. The ball core comprises a unique plastomer material that impressively extends ball liveliness, while STR Felt is 50% more flexible than the standard ball for more core compression and longer dwell times. Between a combination of innovative ball technology and unique sustainable packaging, Triniti ushers in a new era for performance tennis balls both on and off the court.

  • Created Season202106
  • Sub-DepartmentTennis Ball
  • Sub DepartmentTennis Ball
  • Model TypeStandard
  • Model NumberWRT1252E See All SKUs


  • First performance tennis ball with 100% sustainable packaging
  • Engage Core comprises plastomer material that maintains ball liveliness 4x longer than a standard core
  • STR Felt is 50% more flexible than standard felt for more core compression and longer dwell times
  • 5% of profits support worldwide sustainability efforts
  • Sleeve includes 3 tennis balls; case includes 24 sleeves
  • Balls are numbered to differentiate from balls used by other players on neighboring courts