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Glove it

Glove it- left hand glove

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At Glove It, we wanted to bring some style back to the course! We put the ‘love’ in glove with these expertly designed yet dazzling golf gloves for ladies that feature our signature, striking, standout designs for those who want to jazz up their golf attire. With a huge amount of styles to choose from, you can’t go wrong. Grab your favorite and hit the course today! With soft Cabretta Leather palms featuring closestitch flexibility, you’ll really feel your club in your hand, allowing you to master your swing. The stretchy Lycra top ensures a skintight feel around the fingers and knuckles for optimum performance. Made especially for women and girls. Breathable in summer, with UV50 sun protection, and warm and durable during the winter, you’re covered year round with these lightweight women’s golf gloves. No need to worry about sweaty hands loosening your grip, or chapped fingers hurting on the course! They’re also great rain gloves as they are slip resistant. For righthanders, you can get a left hand golf glove in Small, Medium, Large, or XL sizes. Lefthanders will use a right hand glove. These come in Small, Medium, and Large sizes.