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K Swiss Bigshot light 4 women’s Blue and White

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K-Swiss Women`s Bigshot Light 4 Tennis Shoes are engineered to provide lightweight stability, comfort, and performance at a reasonable price. Durawrap in the upper offers protection against toe dragging, while K-EVA in the midsole ensures cushioning and support. The outsole is designed for longevity.


UpperDurawrap is integrated into the upper for greater support and durability.

MidsoleK-EVA technology provides additional cushioning for lightweight support.

OutsoleDragGuard located in high-wear areas makes the Bigshot Light 4 long-lasting, while Aösta 7.0 high-density rubber is used to improve durability and traction on clay and hard court surfaces.

Color: Silver Lake Blue and White

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For information regarding sizes, please refer to our sizing chart. Learn more about K-Swiss' tennis shoe technologies here.