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Pickleball Scrunchie

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The Pickleball Scrunchie comes in a pack of three and is perfect for sprucing up your look during games. In addition to the functional appeal of being able to tie your hair back and keep runaway whisps from interfering during play, these ties feature charming pickleball-centric patterns which add to the sporty presentation. You can also wear them around your wrist as a fun bracelet.

These Pickleball Scrunchies are made with polyester fabric and elastic. Each individual scrunchie measures approximately 3.5 x 3.5 x 1". There are two different patterns featuring either pickleballs or paddles. Both come in brilliant neon shades that draw attention to their imagery. They make for great gifts or pickleball-themed party favors.

The Pickleball Scrunchie will brighten up your look and your mood with its fashionable and delightful design.