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Racquet Inc

Racquet Inc Pickleball Nail Kit

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Looking for a complete set for your nail essentials? 


Look no further than our Pickleball Nail Kit that has all the tools you need for clipping nails, plus it has a cute pickleball designed case that you’ll absolutely love. 


Why Is It Perfect?


  • Complete Package. The kit has a complete and organized set of tools to cut nails on your hands or feet, so you’ll never have to experience the hassle of finding nail cutters again.
  • Adorable Design. Has a colorful and patterned tennis racquet and ball design that all Pickleball enthusiasts will love.  
  • Durable. Made with 100% high-quality stainless steel that’s built to last for years! 
  • Compact and Easy To Carry. With its small design, you can put it in your bag and have space for more, or just carry it with you wherever you go! 
  • Ideal Gift. It’s the best gift to give to your friend who plays pickleball or just buy one for yourself! 


Package Includes: 

  • 1x nail kit case
  • 2x nail clippers
  • 1x nail scissors
  • 1x cuticle nail clipper
  • 1x tweezer
  • 1x nail file.