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So, You Think You Know Tennis?: History, Players, Tournaments, Folklore, Myths, Trivia

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So, You Think You Know Tennis? explores virtually every aspect of this great sport, from its early origins all the way through to today’s professional players, tournaments, technology, and equipment. It explores strategies for each type of shot and reveals some of tennis’ secrets. Famous men and women players are noted for their contributions the game. There are detailed descriptions of individual Grand Slam tournaments, Australian Open, the French Open, Wimbledon, and the US Open.


The author, an 83-year player with 76 years of experience playing the game of tennis demonstrates his love for the game on almost every page. He believes more knowledge about the game brings with it a greater appreciation for the game and its players.

So, You Think You Know Tennis? will educate, enrich, and entertain the reader.


So, Did You Know This About Tennis?

The size of the court in major tournaments played in stadium is larger than the tennis court in your local club or playground.

• Tennis has a detailed Player Code of Conduct.

• The French Open is named after a WWI pilot who was killed in combat in 1918. Roland Garros fought his last battle over nearby Chantilly in France.

• It's common for two players to exchange towels after each set as a sign of respect for each other's hard work throughout the match.

• The most enduring and well-known tradition in tennis is bowing or curtsying to the royal box before starting a match at Wimbledon.