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Wilson Mens Seamless Crew T-Shirt

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Never miss a matchup with this tee, designed for full range of motion in your upper body and engineered ventilation in those same high-sweat areas.

The Player's Seamless Crew was inspired by a pitcher's required range of motion on the mound, and applies that insight to any performance activity you may encounter. We target the upper body with this garment's saddle raglan shoulder, preventing chafing in those high-movement touchpoints but also engineering ventilation in those same spots for maximum air flow where you feel the most heat.

Simply put: you won’t stink. Our Anti-Odor fabric is treated with a finish that stops the multiplication of odor-causing bacteria and, thus, prevents your clothes from smelling. Because when you look this good, you'll want to leave it on as long as possible.

Imagine a single drop of moisture hitting the surface of one of our Quick-Drying items. With either a topical, inherent or fabric treatment applied, the moisture will spread out over the surface so more air can penetrate - allowing the moisture to evaporate quicker and the garment to dry faster. You should be in the pool; the pool should not be on you.

Our Compression fabric has two significant benefits: holding tight to your body for a comfortably secure fit, and keeping your muscles warm while moving and recovering. Compression keeps things like leggings held up and undershort liners in place, and athletes know compression keep their muscles warm for better and faster recovery through blood circulation. We know just how much compression to provide and in what pieces so that your garment will feel like a warm hug.

These fabric items have a cool-hand knitted or woven into the fabric to lower your body temperature. This more loosely-fitting fabric will will lay on the surface of your body and allow air to move past your skin, exaggerating a cooling effect that will keep you comfortable and your body high-functioning. Your recovering muscles will thank you for the cool blast of air.