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Wilson Midtown Tennis Skirt

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The world's most innovative tennis brand's riff on a traditional tennis skirt.

A century in tennis has brought us here, taking a simple thing and making it better. The Midtown Skirt is our riff on a traditional tennis skirt, a seamless interior short with a pleated skirt overlay. Wear it to play tennis, or do more -- with UV protection, unique fabric and multi-functional design, you can even jump in the club pool or swing by the lake when you're finished with your match. The inner short, which is upper-thigh length, has a storage pocket and our proprietary tiered compression waistband provides a perfect fit.

A permanent construction characteristic, our UV Protection is a dense construction of the fabric that prevents harmful rays from getting through. It's knitted or woven into the fabric providing permanent coverage -- rather than a temporary, topical application -- to give you one less thing to worry about when you pack that day bag.

Imagine a single drop of moisture hitting the surface of one of our Quick-Drying items. With either a topical, inherent or fabric treatment applied, the moisture will spread out over the surface so more air can penetrate - allowing the moisture to evaporate quicker and the garment to dry faster. You should be in the pool; the pool should not be on you.

Our Breathable fabric is designed to allow air to pass through so you can stay dry and comfortable, and cool down easily. This is important for garments in which you're likely to heat up, Breathable items allow flow through air pockets knit into the fabric, so moisture and perspiration dry quickly, and you can warm up, cool down and keep on keeping on.