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Delicious Dampeners

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Lift your game to the next level with our Assorted foods Tennis Vibration Dampeners a cute way to decrease string vibrations in your racquet and helps you focus on the game! 


Why it’s Perfect. 


  • Additional Focus. Helps you get rid of irritating string vibrations in your racquet and aids you in maintaining the mental stability and focus you need during a game of tennis. 
  • An ultra-adorable addition to your racquet that makes a perfect gift for you or your tennis-loving family! 
  • Supreme Durability. Made with 100% High-quality silicone that could withstand heavy blunts or impacts from incoming tennis balls! 


Get the perfect gift for a tennis-loving family, relative, or friend, with our Assorted Tennis Vibration Dampeners and make their day now! 


Though there’s a MAJOR downside in buying this product…

You’ll get tired of everyone asking you where you bought it!